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General Discussion / Re: Random activity preferences
« Last post by spinba11 on Today at 02:22:39 PM »
A perfect example is in the triton center, there are 2 banks of elevators that go to the parking levels, the “people” only use the bank that was created first.
Custom Buildings / Re: Disable Fan background noise
« Last post by theguy on Today at 01:54:32 PM »
From what I've seen, it will constantly be enabled on the CrystalSpace versions of Skyscrapersim so you'll want to use the newest version to disable it.

First of all ZZ9 your signature is really annoying

Second of all as far as I can remember, that being alpha 5. You can use the CarIdleSound command to silence the fan.

Trizocbs I just looked at the .bld of guys hospital. And the fan sound is disabled on some lifts already. Make sure you put it under the <elevator XX>
<Elevator 1>
 Speed = 13
 Acceleration = 0.14
 Deceleration = 0.14

CarIdleSound = silence.wav
 ServicedFloors = 0, 2, 17, 18, 21 - 31
 AssignedShaft = 1
 Doors = 1
 CreateElevator true, 310, 215, 0

 You could even rename the fan sound to a nonexistent one, you would get a missing texture/sound warning but there would be no fan noise
Elevator Discussion / Re: Schindler Elevator Company videos
« Last post by theguy on Today at 01:43:13 PM »
just visit can find everthing that you want.

Well didn't i make it clear that he removed the videos? There not on youtube anymore
Realistic Roads? It finally gives me a reason to continue working on my traffic signal project!
Couple of bugs with NTCC, primarily with the South Convention Center. When you first load in, the auditorium doesn't render when I go to floor B in the South Convention Center as from screenshots 1 through 3. The 4th screenshot is after you enable level B using Realtime Object Control. There are these walls in front of the elevators on floor 2 that you cannot go through without turning off collision detection.

And on another, semi-unrelated note, I was wondering about your plans for the Palmetto Building south of the South Convention Center, and if you had plans for adding a hotel building to NTCC in a possible future update?

I still got the Julian error after I downloaded the latest build. Does anyone know how to download it properly and remove the Julian error?
I've taken the time to take a peek at the newest update, and I must say, this is the best one (I'm not going to say upfront what I do like, I want to give the opportunity for other members to see if they can spot the new changes  8) ).  All I can say for now is that it's well worth the wait!

Slightly off topic from the IP Release, but I think it would be rather interesting for Skyscraper to be able to display a date and time within the simulation. In this case, it could then be displayed within the NTCC's elevator indicators. This could either be a randomly generated date and time set by the simulation (which could even be synced to the day/night cycles already within the simulation), display the user's system's current date and time, and/or a combination of both. I would go on and on about how this could be done, but I think that's another story for the "simulator development" board. All I can say for now is that having this touch of realism could be interesting to see, especially other elevators with these sort of displays.
Here's my next round of 3 videos as a second part of an attempt to clear the good ol' backlog. :P
These are scheduled out to give me time to edit the mountain that is still in my backlog so expect these to go live over a period of 10-14 days.
(Live at time of posting)
(Live on Saturday 29th September @ 8pm UK Time (2pm Central Time in the USA)
(Live on Friday 5th October @ 8pm UK Time (2pm Central Time in the USA)
Can you pls tell me how to fix the building error with the "Julian" thing for NTCC?

Try downloading the latest build.  The day/night features NTCC uses were a fairly recent update.

Also, Downtown Andersville only shows the landscape. The buildings are not on there.

That was intentional.  I was using the map for testing purposes.  I will re-enable the buildings in build 12 after I make a few fixes to it.

Did you download the patch or full? If patch, then try full. From what I've heard, there's more errors with the patch.

The patch was created using a script to help make builds easier to make.  Clearly, there are still some bugs that needs to be ironed out.
Did you download the patch or full? If patch, then try full. From what I've heard, there's more errors with the patch.
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